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Morning Work Journals!
WHY I SWITCHED TO MORNING WORK JOURNALS!This year in first grade, we needed something different. Morning work tubs didn’t work with this group or schedule, and it was always so hard and time consuming to ‘find’ morning work for each morning that fit ...
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Science of reading aligned CVC word sort and write activity for K-1
Science of Reading and CVC Words
Do your students struggle with decoding CVC words? If they're like mine, it's always hardest at first, especially when it comes to identifying the medial vowel sound.To help students better understand the science of reading, and work on encoding, dec...
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Meet the Author: Chrissy Lennon

My name is Chrissy. I grew up in Ohio and moved to Arizona to teach Kindergarten back in 2010. Teaching Kindergarten in Arizona was such a fun and challenging learning experience. I had the privilege each year of teaching Kindergarten English Language Learners. For 6 years, I taught at a Title 1 school with a majority Hispanic population. And 3 years after that, I moved districts and taught at a Title 1 school with a high refugee population. Most of those years, I had at least 10 different home languages represented in my room! I felt like I was really making a difference, and I know I was, but really when I think back… my students were the ones making a difference in my life. They taught me about compassion, perseverance, and love. Together, we all grew!